How to choose a wedding DJ in Ottawa?

Weddings are a huge occasion and they are an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. Outstanding wedding receptions in Ottawa typically include a party, dancing, and appropriate music throughout different stages of the event. Hiring a DJ to provide lighting and music is a common way to entertain your guests while avoiding the need to babysit an iPod or computer. Moreover if your DJ has an engaging and outgoing personality they can really add to the fun and excitement for your guests.

How to choose a wedding DJ in Ottawa?
Versatile DJ’s know when it’s time to transition the mood of a wedding from more subdued moments during the reception, to kicking off the dance. Doing this takes more skill and sense of mood than most people realize. It’s part art, and part skill – a 6th sense you might call it. A good DJ can take your wedding to different heights and make it memorable for your guests. So it’s necessary for you to know how to select a good DJ for your wedding ceremony. Here are some tips which will help you to understand how to select a good DJ:

The first tip that comes to mind is where you will find a truly outstanding DJ. One place you can try is asking the staff at the venue where your wedding ceremony will take place. Often the managers or sales staff will be able to suggest a list of DJ’s in Ottawa-Gatineau for you to select from. Popular venues sometimes have multiple weddings taking place simultaneously during the busy summer season, so they will be familiar with who is good to deal with. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, City DJ is familiar with all the major venues in the city, all the major hotels, conference centres, private rooms, and niche gems you find sprinkled throughout the National Capital Region.

Another suggestion about where to find a great DJ is to ask around! Your family and friends can be a huge help to you. Collect the contact information for any good suggestions, and then contact them directly.
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The second tip is try to understand what kind of personality makes a great DJ. Some DJ’s are more laid back, and some even hide behind their equipment! Watch out for shy or overly technical people who can be great with machines, but not so good with people. DJ’s need to interact well with your guests, and so their personality should be friendly, outgoing, and magnetic. Call all the DJ’s you hear of for a face-to-face interview. See your level of compatibility with them, then ask them whether they are free on the date of your wedding or not. Basically get a good personality check of your DJ. Ideally you want to build a good level of rapport before your event so nothing is left to the last minute.

The third tip is to clarify all the following points with him:

  1. Whether the DJ has all the equipment or needs to rent – what is included and what is extra?
  2. Ask for at least two references in the last year
  3. Ask for a guarantee that all electrical equipment is in good working condition for safety reasons
  4. Work out the timeline of your event, the key timing of ceremony, reception, dance, and party
  5. Provided the names of key people in the wedding party so they may be introduced at different points during the ceremony
  6. Clarify any preferences for musical selection. Think about your guests. “No country” or “Only Top 40” may be what you want, but how about your Aunt and Uncle who are flying across the country to see you get hitched? And of course provide your choice for your first dance song!

These tips are our suggestions to help you get a good DJ for your wedding. If you have any other suggestions be sure to let us know and we will add it to this list!