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Add Some Sparkle to your Event with City DJ Service
Want to have a perfectly magical night in Ottawa? If you’re craving the opportunity to celebrate with your friends, colleagues or family members, City DJ Service has the perfect remedy for you. We offer professional audio, lighting, and DJ services for you. DJ services are increasingly becoming useful and popular for corporate and special events. Be it your wedding, office party, product launch, anniversary or reunion – you can choose to do it yourself and rent equipment, set it up, and waste time away from guests running it. Or you can hire a DJ to take care of all of this for you. Wouldn’t you rather have more time to spend with your guests?

Best Dj service in Ottawa

There are a number of DJ companies in Ottawa – which one should you choose? How do you compare them? Unlike other DJ companies in Ottawa, City DJ Service ensures are fully equipped with advanced equipment, over 150,000 songs, and 15 years of experience creating perfect memories. We know that the DJ is a showman who is hired to entertain the crowd. We play the latest playlists with mixture of styles and genres tailored to the event and crowd.

If you have had a bad experience in the past where the dancefloor was empty, or the sound quality was poor – we feel your pain. This is unfortunately what can happen when a DJ is just starting out. Perhaps they are young or inexperienced. Perhaps they hadn’t invested in high quality equipment, or didn’t set it up properly. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than most people realize – including proper electrical connection of equipment to ensure the safety of guests.
Modern DJ Equipment in Ottawa

In one case it has been found that another Ottawa DJ company has been providing equipment that was out of date and in misrepair! Make sure that your DJ has modern equipment. Newer DJ systems use laptops and software, and are technically more advanced – packing a bigger entertainment punch into a small setup. The tradeoff is the DJ must be specially trained to use this software. Make sure to ask if your DJ is using software and controllers – we find it makes a huge difference!

Make sure you meet your DJ ahead of time. A number of people often hire DJ service without meeting them in person before their event. We always prefer to meet our clients in advance to find out more about your event, musical tastes, and guest preferences. We don’t compromise on quality, and can provide the best value in Ottawa.

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